Backpackers dump cars at airport

Brisbane Airport Corporation is forking out the bill for dozens of vans and wagons being dumped in its car park.



Authorities have pointed the finger at backpackers for leaving dozens of cars in the car park at Brisbane Airport and failing to retrieve them.

Seventy-eight cars were abandoned in the airport’s car park in 2015, slightly less than the 84 cars abandoned in 2014.

After investigation, about two-thirds of the abandoned cars had to be moved, stored, publicly advertised and finally auctioned off.

Dozens of cars are abandoned each year in the carpark at Brisbane Airport.

Dozens of cars are abandoned each year in the carpark at Brisbane Airport. Photo: Glenn Hunt

A Brisbane Airport Corporation spokeswoman said the process of disposal of the vehicles cost more than the money recovered at auction.

“The most common type of vehicles abandoned at Brisbane Airport are cheap wagons and vans typically used by backpackers,” she said.

“There are also cases of vehicles under finance that are left inside the car park due to defaulting on payments.

“These cars are collected by the finance company to recoup the applicable loan, fees and charges.”

None of the abandoned cars had been booked into the car park online.

Where possible, letters were sent to “the last registered owner of the vehicle”, the spokeswoman said.

When owners failed to respond to public notices, the BAC waited 14 days before auctioning off abandoned cars as an attempt to recoup costs.

The corporation kept records of the abandoned cars but would not release details for privacy reasons.

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