Electric cars are less than 1% of the market. Yet automakers are pushing them big time. Why? – Los Angeles Times

Posted: Monday, November 14, 2016

Admit it: You’ve thought about buying an electric car. If but for a fleeting moment, you considered the possibilities: Zero tailpipe emissions. No more oil changes, no more tune-ups. Cheap fuel. And it seems pretty cool.

Then, if you’re like most people, you set the idea aside.

That disconnect is apparent in the U.S., where all-electric vehicles account for less than 1% of new car sales. With gasoline prices low and stable, historically gas-guzzling pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and crossovers are what Americans want to buy.

Yet at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which opens to the public Friday, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Jaguar and Mini will unveil their new all-electric models or electric concept cars.


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