Electric Vehicles Are Taking Over Big Oil and Gas Cars – HuffPost

Posted: Thursday, September 28, 2017

In fact, BP mentioned that EVs aren’t a “game-changer,” and Shell lauded the efficiency gains in their engine research, promising fuel savings would be 3x those from the sale of EVs. Now here is where I’ll make a few concessions. The long-term success of electric vehicles is highly dependent on several other frameworks like the progressive legislation of governments and the hurried transition of manufacturers from their oil-obsessed mindset. However, juxtaposed with the fact that air pollution has become a prime issue in nearly every modern nation, the case for EV integration, and it’s subsequent need for government support, has bolstered. Clearly, we are headed for profound change – oil companies and their strong proponents don’t deny it – it’s simple a matter of when. Personally, I believe that revolution is imminent, but as BNEF puts it, “this is a trillion dollar question” and someone has to be wrong.


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