Electric vehicles beat gasoline cars in cradle-to-grave emissions study – Los Angeles Times

Posted: Thursday, November 12, 2015

A cradle-to-grave analysis finds driving an electric car in California creates less greenhouse gas emissions than even the most efficient gasoline vehicle.

A car running on electricity — even when powerplant emissions are considered — produces pollution equivalent to a theoretical conventional car with fuel economy of 87 miles per gallon, according to the study, released Thursday by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The organization tallied all the greenhouse gas emissions from every aspect of auto manufacturing and operations and found that electric vehicles beat their gasoline counterparts in every region of the U.S.

They did best — putting out the pollution of a gas vehicle that gets 135 mpg — in upstate New York, which is rich with renewable energy resources.

Electric cars offered the least pollution reduction — the equivalent of a 35 to 36 mpg car — in the central U.S., states such as Colorado, Kansas and Missouri, because so much of the electricity in that region comes from fossil fuels such as coal.


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