Female suspect wanted in Paris attack believed in Syria via Turkey – Xinhua

Posted: Sunday, January 11, 2015

ANKARA, Jan. 10 ( Xinhua) — The female suspect wanted in the Paris terror attacks is believed to have entered Turkey earlier this month and is now possibly in Syria, according to media reports on Saturday.

Hayat Boumeddiene, who is considered to be connected with a spree of terrorist attacks in Paris, is believed to have entered Turkey on January 2nd, CNN quoted a Turkish prime ministry source as saying.

If the source could be proved true, then it would mean that Boumeddiene was not in France when Thursday’s deadly attacks occurred.

The Turkish police have a track of her movements, according to the source, adding that Ankara did not arrest her due to a lack of timely intelligence from France.

Turkish authorities reportedly informed French officials that Boumeddiene traveled from Turkey to Syria on Thursday.

The suspected female accomplice of Islamists behind attacks in Paris had a return ticket for Istanbul and Madrid on Friday, but she did not use the ticket.

Also on Saturday, French authorities said they believe that Boumeddiene has reached Syria from Turkey.

Boumeddiene, the wanted partner of a man who shot dead a policewoman and four people at a Jewish supermarket in France earlier this week.


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