Fiat Chrysler to pay $70 million auto safety fine – CNBC

Posted: Thursday, December 10, 2015

In January, Honda Motor agreed to pay a $70 million fine for failing to disclose more than 1,700 reports of deaths, injuries and other information to NHTSA over 11 years. It was the largest auto safety fine in U.S. history at the time.

NHTSA also has fined a number of other smaller companies for failing to comply, including Ferrari NV and Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. for not disclosing early warning reports.

The reporting system has had other problems.

Automakers have 24 broad reporting codes for early warning data but a government audit this year noted “an average vehicle may have over 15,000 components.”

“Without detailed guidance, decisions regarding key aspects of early warning reporting data are left to the manufacturers’ discretion, resulting in inconsistent reporting and data that (NHTSA) and vehicle safety advocates consider to be of little use,” it said.

NHTSA said it plans to toughen early warning reporting rules by June.

Two members of Congress have urged NHTSA to make it easier to make early warning reports available to the public — and want the agency to boost reporting requirements.


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