Fired employee says Volkswagen deleted data about emissions scandal – The Verge

Posted: Monday, March 14, 2016

A former Volkswagen employee says the company destroyed documents that were required to be preserved because of an EPA lawsuit, reports the Courthouse News Service.

The allegation comes in a wrongful termination lawsuit against Volkswagen filed earlier this month by Daniel Donovan, a former Electronic Discovery Manager in Volkswagen’s Office of General Counsel. Donovan says he refused to take part in actions by the company’s IT department to limit access to Volkswagen files following the EPA lawsuit, which required a legal hold on documents.

Donovan says in a filing in Oakland County (Michigan) Circuit Court that he was worried about “significant legal sanctions” for spoliation obstruction of justice and reported his concerns to a supervisor. Donovan says he was fired because Volkswagen believed he was preparing to report the company’s behavior to the Department of Justice or the EPA.

The lawsuit alleges wrongful discharge and violation of a Michigan whistleblower protection law. In a statement to the Associated Press, Volkswagen said Donovan’s departure from the company was not related to the emissions issue and that the claim is without merit.


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