We’ve seen a lot of cars at the New York International Auto Show, but not every one hit the mark. Here are five ‘misses’ in New York City.

NEW YORK — Whether it’s modest gas-savers or hulking pickups, there are enough new vehicle model introductions at the New York Auto Show to appeal to any gearhead.

But for all the hits, there are a few misses — introductions that seemed like halfhearted efforts, those with only incremental changes or just oddballs that don’t fit nicely into a major auto show.

Though we’ve pointed out  our favorites for the past couple of days, we don’t want to overlook our least favorites as the show opens to the public Friday.

Based on our wanderings around the floor, here are the five vehicles that  qualify as “misses:”

Demi Lovato Honda Civic

Honda turned singer Demi Lovato, who performed on the automaker’s concert tour, loose when it came to designing her own custom Civic.

It came out with a weird color scheme that doesn’t exactly win our hearts. But it thrilled Lovato: “I wanted it to look so fast that it looked like it was peeling away the black,” she said. Trouble is the pink-and-black arrangement doesn’t exactly win us over — nor does Lovato’s big signature on the side.

But hey, we’re sure the car is a hit with  Lovato’s fans — especially when she signed it.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

Good for Jeep for adding another member of its lineup to its toughest offroad category.

We just don’t think adding the Trailhawk name to the big SUV was worth special attention at a big auto show.

It’s a nice change, but it’s not exactly a monumental move when Jeep — one of the best-selling and most successful brands lately — could be showing more substantial new product.

Nissan Future Mobility Concept

Just for fun and attention, Nissan decided to try out an outrageously small electric vehicle on the American public.

The New Mobility concept is one of those city electric cars that a few other automakers tried out a decade ago. They don’t have great range, and they are limited to traveling at 25 mph on city streets. They’d be perfect for a gated retirement community — and not much else.

Nissan’s concept is a blast to drive, although it has a rough ride. An outfit is renting it in San Francisco, but Nissan doesn’t plan to sell it. It just wanted to show it off.

Does it belong at an auto show? Not really. Fun? You bet.

GMC Terrain Nightfall Edition

The Nightfall is one of those vehicles that would thrill Batman — darkened and edgy with a dash of sinister appeal.

It’s become popular lately among a number of brands to add black accents or to paint the entire car black, including the wheels, to appeal to techies and Goths alike.

In the case of the Terrain, the stuff that comes in black includes gloss black spokes, a charcoal grille with a gloss black surround, gloss black front and rear fascia accents, gloss black rear license plate trim, black outside mirrors and black luggage rails.

OK. We get it. It’s got a lot of black. That doesn’t strike us as really making it auto-show-worthy.

Toyota Tonka 4Runner

This was another one of those exercises in which an automaker turns over one of its new trucks to a customizer to try to underscore how much enjoyment  customers can have adding accessories to make their new cars their own.

For this one, Toyota teamed with Funrise Toy, the company that owns the Tonka brand, to make a life-size SUV that can easily take on trails and mountain roads.

Maybe it’s the giant “Tonka” letters on the side, but this big rig  seems too juvenile, given its heft. Even though the truck is loaded with goodies — a fancy suspension, roof rack, side step and ladders — it just seems excessive.

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