Ford unveils luxury GT – Lima Ohio

Posted: Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DETROIT — Ford has introduced another luxury sport scar, which some have compared to a Lamborghini.

The new Ford GT was announced on Monday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and in price at least, Ford Executive Chairman William Clay Ford Jr. compared it to the famous sports car.

“It’s really kind of a statement vehicle,” he said. “It was an opportunity to put a lot of our innovation in one place … and really show what we can do.”

Ford didn’t name an exact number when it came to price, only saying it would compare to its “competition,” such as the Lamborghini.

The car, which will go into production in 2016, features innovations including an EcoBoost engine, aerodynamics and lightweight technology.

Where the car will be manufactured is yet to be announced, though Paul Seredynski, manager of global power train communications at Ford, said since many of its elements are carbon and it will require a specialty assembly facility.

The wheels, made of carbon fiber, weigh 50 pounds all together and the whole vehicle incorporates lightweight materials.

Aluminum is also used in the car, reminiscent of Ford’s reveal of the aluminum-bodied F150 at last year’s show.

The lightweight materials allow for “outstanding acceleration and handling with improved efficiency,” according to Ford’s media release on the vehicle.

The GT is the third of its kind in the Ford family. It has produced two now-“heritage” GTs in the past, the most recent in 2005, though none incorporated the same lightweight, environmentally friendly technology.

Seredynski said the vehicle is an “exercise in innovation for the whole line up” of the company.

The technology and materials used in the GT will soon trickle throughout the company’s product line, especially the lightweight materials such as carbon.

Lightweight materials improve vehicle capability by increasing acceleration, decreasing weight and enhancing handling, braking, safety and efficiency, according to the release.

The performance vehicle involved “pulling together what we already had,” Ford said.

He added that vehicle launches are always very competitive, but he “really like[s] where we are.”

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