Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016: priceless BMW 328 driven –

Posted: Sunday, June 26, 2016

The rev counter dances up and down, and the cheeky rasp of the exhaust fills the cabin. I’m gently roasting in the sun here, but the temperatures are steady, oil pressure unwavering and the Kraftstoff (fuel) gauge is full. Small wonder, this is BMW’s own museum car, a special, built as a coupe, with Touring of Milan’s aircraft style Superleggera coachwork, created in 1939 to take on the world’s most famous road race, the Italian Mille Miglia. And, in the hands of Huschke von Hanstein and Walter Baumer, it blitzed the opposition, finishing quarter of an hour in front of Farina’s Alfa. 

“These were massively advanced machines,” says Peter Haynes, journalist and PR, who drove and raced his father’s famous 328, “especially when you compare them to pre-Second World War rivals. The brakes work, the steering is light and precise and it goes well, too. In fact it feels like a post-war car and I’d go so far as to say it’s better than some post-war cars.”


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