Guns ‘routinely’ smuggled as hand luggage aboard US airliners –

Posted: Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chief culprit Henry was denied bail for his alleged role in the conspiracy to
sell assault weapons, 9mm handguns and Glock pistols to an undercover NYPD
detective in Brooklyn.

Prosecutors say Henry bought 10-20 guns at a time, mostly through a website,
picked them up from sellers in Georgia and then flew to New York with the
guns stashed in his luggage.

He allegedly boarded the two-hour flights at nominal cost by using his
mother’s privileges as a retired Delta employee.

Henry was himself a former Delta employee from 2007 to 2010.

He allegedly dodged airport security lines in Atlanta by paying cash to Harvey
to carry the bags of guns past mandatory passenger checks and hand them over
before boarding for New York.

Henry was arrested on December 10, when US prosecutors say 16 firearms,
ammunition and magazines were recovered from a backpack inside his Brooklyn
home after arriving from Atlanta that morning.

Prosecutors said he was assisted by Ernest Leneau, 54, Adrian Alleyne, 24 and
Grayling Smith, 51. All have appeared in court apart from Smith, who is
still in Georgia.

District attorney Ken Thompson warned the guns could have been used to shoot
and kill residents and police officers in Brooklyn.

“In this age of terrorism, it is simply unthinkable that anyone would breach
the security of our nation’s airports to smuggle guns and ammunition,
including assault weapons, on commercial airliners and jeopardize countless
lives all to make money,” said Thompson.

Two police officers were shot dead in broad daylight in Brooklyn on Saturday
by a disturbed 28-year-old whom officers said had a clear anti-police bias
and who earlier shot his ex-girlfriend.

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the airline plot had been
grounded. “These guns are now permanently out of commission,” he said.


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