How self-driving cars could turn into a nightmare –

Posted: Sunday, October 25, 2015

Next, car manufacturers replaced
hydraulic powered steering with electric. As any top chef will tell
you, a hot soup might burn your mouth, so it’s better to test the
temperature using your finger, which is less sensitive. Electric power
steering makes the road feel so numb that it’s like driving with your elbows.

All of this was before I became unemployed, of course, along with
the millions of other professional drivers. I remember putting one
such car through its paces and suddenly discovering that I was
departing the Tarmac and heading for a tree. In the old days a gentle
judder from the wheel would have signalled the loss of grip before my
eyeballs turned into saucers, but not in this car with electric steering.

The funny thing about all those stars who drove the “reasonably
priced car” on 
 was that they could feel the warnings through the
steering wheel, too. Being in touch is what humans do best, unless
they’re texting.

Back in 2025, I peer through my Google glasses at the Barista
serving me my cortado and automatically filter his Facebook profile;
his lifestyle montage proves too intimidating for me to strike up a
conversation, so I take my coffee “to go”.

I walk everywhere in the city now because traffic is worse than
ever. Who needs parking spaces when you can send your driverless car
around the block while you do your shopping? And commuting distances
have doubled, with vehicle occupants happy to zone out in their
pleasure booths, watching movies or working themselves to death,
seemingly losing track of time.


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