The Buick LeSabre is not a fast car. It is not a pretty car. It is not a cool car, or a powerful car, or a desirable car. It’s a grandpa car, and it deserves a moment of respect.

Yesterday we listed 10 cars that you, the readers who are reading this very blog right this moment, would not take at any price. You elected the 1990s to 2000s Buick LeSabre as one such car. This is wrong.

Reader Jake explained as much earlier this month, when this question was first fielded:


You tell ‘em, Jake.

If a car is something that you can trust, and love, and drive until the tires shred, it’s worth appreciation.

If a car is something that keeps this country humming, providing solid transportation across our endless floaty highways, it’s worthy of appreciation.

If a car is something that absolutely refuses to die, no matter what, even if you secretly wish it would just give up the ghost and crap out already, it’s worthy of appreciation.

And that includes this soggy, lovely Buick.