What will vehicles look like in 100 years? BMW just unveiled the car of the future: a shape-shifting dream packed with artificial intelligence and autonomous technology. Speaking of the future, a new plan could bring the first working Hyperloop to three European cities, long before the technology reaches the US. The Tesla Model S is one of the hottest zero-emission cars on the market, but a man in Singapore was just slapped with a $15,000 carbon emissions fine for importing one. Why? It turns out Singapore tracks the source of the energy used to charge electric cars. And Norway announced plans to invest almost $1 billion to build 10 bicycle superhighways.

Streetlights stay on all night and consume a lot of energy, which is why Las Vegas is upgrading to new LED lamps that are powered by the sun. In other design news, a revolutionary new graphene water filter removes bacteria and viruses nine times faster than anything on the market. Abu Dhabi celebrated the launch of the world’s first farm that can grow both fuel and food in the desert. And a London Toy Store unveiled a gigantic LEGO Iron Man made from a million bricks that weighs over a ton.