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Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In 2009, BMW introduced the X6, a crouching crossover with the interior space of a sedan, the height of an SUV, and the performance of a sports car.

They called it a “sports activity coupe” and with it claimed to have invented an entirely new segment. Indeed, the X6 (and especially the X6M) is fun to drive and physically alluring to certain types of buyer, namely those who prefer something a little different from the norm and don’t necessarily list “practicality” on their high-priority list.

Sales this year have held relatively steady compared to last year’s results. So of course BMW created a new version of that hit, the X4.

“We had so much success with the X6 that we thought it would make all the sense in the world once we had come out with the X3 to have a similar vehicle as the X6, now we have the X4,” BMW USA President Ludwig Willisch told me last week. “We’re very bullish about the car.”

The new offering comes with either a 4-cylinder, 240 horsepower engine or a 6-cylinder, 300 horsepower engine, both of which get decent gas mileage (mid-20s) by virtue of their smaller, turbocharged size. All-Wheel-Drive comes standard on the eight-speed automatic transmission.

Inside, leather trim, a touchpad console and Google Google-navigation capability provide luxurious accents; while the slanting roofline compromises some headroom in the rear, legroom and front headspace are generous. The car is made in Spartanburg, S.C., and will sell primarily in the United States.

But does it drive more like an SUV or a sedan?

“It drives like a BMW,” Willisch says. Smart man.

The X4 xDrive 28i goes on sale this spring for $45,625 or $48,925 for the xDrive 35i version. Watch the video for more.

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