Jeb Bush knows how to get the political world buzzing.

In a sign that the former Florida governor may be inching closer to running for president in 2016, Bush said in a television interview this weekend that he is penning an e-book and will release some 250,000 emails early next year from his time in office.

“I was digital before digital was cool, I guess,” he said in an interview with WPLG-TV in Miami on Saturday, referencing emails from 1999 through 2007, his two terms as governor.

“I think part of serving or running, both of them, is transparency—to be totally transparent,” he said. “So I’ll let people make up their mind. There’s some funny ones, there’s some sad ones, there’s some serious ones.”

The political world is already parsing those words to interpret what the announcement implies about Bush’s political ambitions at a time of mixed signals.

Last week, Bloomberg’s Josh Green and Miles Weiss reported that Bush has been expanding his private equity business, a possible indication that he might pass on a 2016 contest. But on Monday, he is giving a commencement address at the University of South Carolina, a state known for holding the first presidential primary in the South.

Others are interpreting news about the e-mail dump as a clear shot across the bow of potential primary competitors.

Bush has said he will decided whether or not to run “in short order,” whatever that means.