Jihadi John’s UK family goes into hiding – TVNZ

Posted: Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The family of the world’s most wanted killer has gone into hiding following the revelation of the terrorist’s true identity.

British national Mohammed Emwazi is believed to be Islamic State executioner, ‘Jihadi John’.

His mother, Ghaneya Emwazi, immediately recognised her son’s voice after watching the very first ‘Jihadi John’ propaganda video published by ISIS, according to authorities.

But she chose to keep the knowledge she knew it was her son quiet.

Now, footage has emerged of Emwazi’s relatives attempting to flee from media, since the killer’s face was ‘unmasked’.

Emwazi’s brother, Omar, can be seen covering his head and breaking into a run after being spotted on the streets of London by ABC reporters.

Four women were also escorted by plain-clothes police from the Emwazi family hiding place in London, declining to speak with journalists.

Meanwhile, Twitter has shut down more than 2000 ISIS-supporting accounts in the last week, according to those familiar with the operation.

Terrorism expert, J.M Berger believes it’s “as serious an attack on ISIS Twitter as we’ve seen so far”.

Until now, the site has been key to the group’s growing power and threat, authorities said.


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