List of 10 top family cars tilts to tech and safety – USA TODAY

Posted: Wednesday, June 04, 2014

What are the 10 best family cars?

Parents magazine and car-shopping site set to find out for the seventh straight year and the list, not surprisingly, is heavy on the big and roomy and short on the small and sexy.

At least the list recognizes great family cars need to be considered for all family budgets — so there are cheap ones along with premium models. Features, especially those related to technology, along with safety and cargo room played big roles.

“Whether they’re taking a summer road trip or just making a grocery run, families expect a lot from their vehicles,” says Parents Editor-in-Chief Dana Points in a statement. “Safety is every parent’s top priority, and we’re excited by how many manufacturers are now offering blind-spot mirrors and collision-avoidance systems in addition to multiple airbags and government-required electronic stability control.”

Here’s the list with starting prices.


Mazda3 ($17,740)

Ford Fiesta ($14,925)


Toyota Prius ($25,010)


Mazda6 ($21,785)

Honda Accord ($22,745)


Subaru Outback ($24,320)


Nissan Rogue ($23,650)


Hyundai Santa Fe ($30,750)

Chevrolet Traverse ($31,670)


Honda Odyssey ($29,655)


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