Man rams cars and a home with truck, assaults business partner – Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: Monday, May 23, 2016

The same blue truck – which Deluca is suspected to have been driving – had reportedly backed into a two cars and the front porch of a home near 1000 East and Silica Drive at the first location, one car in front of a different house near 9600 South and Poppy Lane at the second location and a tree at 1100 E. Galena Drive in the third location, Bell said.

A homeowner at the first house was hit by debris from the truck crashing into the porch after he had come outside in response to noise from the car crash. A wall in the house moved a couch where a child was laying because of the crash’s impact, but no one was hurt, Bell said.

Deluca is also suspected of heading to Cottonwood Heights and ramming into a building and two radar speed trailers at a Unified police substation near 2700 East and 7480 South, and the front door of a lift house near 3700 East and Fort Union Boulevard. Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Scott Ricks said he was “pretty confident” the same suspect was responsible for both crashes, but the case was still under investigation.

The damage at the Unified police substation was likely more than $100,000 alone, Bell said.

Bell said evidence at the substation matches that of the other crashes where the suspect left behind tools from a landscaping business.

The truck was found abandoned and empty by a Utah Highway Patrol officer near the east Belt Route of Interstate 215 some time after the alleged crashes, Bell said. About an hour later, at 3:20 a.m., Deluca reportedly broke into a business associate’s house in Millcreek, near 4260 South and Zarahemla Drive, according to Bell.

Deluca then allegedly began assaulting his business partner, whom he’d found asleep, with a blunt object, but family members in the home fought back and “ended up beating the tar out of” him, Bell said.

Deluca was in the hospital Sunday with multiple facial fractures, but will be booked into jail on charges of aggravated battery when he’s released, Bell said.

Unified police anticipate “many more charges will be added” as the investigation moves forward.

Detectives have so far pieced together that there was an alleged dispute between the business partners a couple of weeks ago, and the partner whose home was broken into Sunday morning suspected Deluca of vandalizing a number of projects they’d worked on together, Bell said.

Cannon said his team had been led to Deluca in Utah County Saturday morning.

According to Cannon, someone had given a ride to a teenage girl who was walking in the rain along Soldier Pass Road, a dirt road south of Saratoga Springs. They dropped her off at a campsite with an enclosed boxcar trailer, which they thought seemed unusual and reported it to police.

Cannon said he and another officer headed to the site, where they met Deluca and smelled marijuana coming from the trailer.

Deluca wouldn’t give them permission to enter the trailer, so Cannon obtained a warrant to search the trailer, where officers found a “small amount” of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.








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