More bodies found as AirAsia search continues in teeth of storm – euronews

Posted: Friday, January 02, 2015

Searchers combing the waters off Indonesia for any survivors or victims of the AirAsia crash have found 23 new bodies, bringing the total to 30 confirmed deaths from the 162 people on board.

Although bad weather continues to hamper any resumption of the diving that is thought to have located the main body of the sunken Airbus, planes have continued to criss-cross the search area, which has been narrowed down as the search triangulated the plane’s possible course, and plotted the drift of debris and other objects in the water.

Three and four-metre high waves are making surface operations impossible, but as soon as conditions calm divers are ready to investigate what they believe is the airbus’s fuselage sitting on the sea bed. However early sonar images indicated a fuselage shape underwater have not been confirmed, and there has still been no signal from the aircraft’s black box flight recorder.

It is on the plane that the remaining missing people are likely to be found, as two of the bodies retrieved from the sea were still belted into their seats, suggesting a sudden impact in the water and rapid sinking of the plane. Three bodies have been released to their families for burial.

Several other bodies have been seen in the water, but attempts to retrieve them proved impossible with the high swell.


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