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Posted: Sunday, March 26, 2017

VIDEO More than just cars at Lehigh…

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – The Lehigh Valley Auto Show is all about the cars, but there’s more to it than that.

Different people have different reasons to be there.

Local auto dealers want to get people into their showrooms.

“Every time that we have the show and we participate in the show, those next weeks and months after we have constant traffic coming through because they saw the car they might be interested in at the show,” said Gregg Ciocca, CEO of Ciocca Dealerships.

And that leads to sales.

“One of our local Mazda dealers, several years ago, had his record sales in one day the Saturday of the show, and all those customers came in with flyers from Mazda that only got at the show,” said Tom Kwiatek¬†of the Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Dealers Association.

For others, it’s good advertising, like one man who was sent from Florida.

“We come to these events all the time traveling around to all the local trade shows trying to increase the brand awareness for Toyota,” said Torpe Miller, corporate sales at Toyota.

Brand awareness is a common theme.

“We sell victory motorcycles, ATVs and slingshot vehicles,” said Derek Koehler, a parts associate at Trumbauer’s Motor Sports. “We’re just trying to get them to know what the machines are because nobody knows what [slingshots] are yet.”

Some people aren’t even selling vehicles.

“We get exposure to people who may not know about us, don’t know our product exists, it just gets us in front of a different audience,” said Matthew Goense, of Kring’s Hearth & Home.

It’s a strange place to sell stoves, but he says it works.

“We definitely have made sales from the auto show. We just sold 2 units last week to somebody I talked to here last year,” Goense said.

The show’s last day is Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Lehigh University’s Goodman Campus.


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