Multiple vehicles stolen from Johnny Londoff Chevrolet in Florissant –

Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI)- Multiple vehicles were stolen from Johnny Londoff Chevrolet in Florissant overnight. The incident happened around 2a.m. at the dealership located at 1375 Dunn Road near I-270 at Washington/ Elizabeth.

When an officer saw the handful of cars, at least four, leaving the car dealership he knew something was wrong. Police say that officer initially attempted to catch up to the cars but the cars sped up and blasted off. Police did not chase after them.

Authorities did find one of the cars abandoned on Interstate 70 near Bel-Ridge. The vehicle spun out of control and hit the wall on eastbound Interstate 70 at Hanley Road. It was facing westbound in the eastbound lanes. No one was in the car they found.

Police are looking for the other vehicles along with the people who are responsible.

Right now, they`re coordinating with the dealership`s owners and say they will take a look at surveillance footage.

Someone also broke into the used car dealership building. That`s likely how they obtained those cars` keys.

This is an ongoing investigation.




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