Police investigate naked Dale Mabry rampage that left man dead – FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

Posted: Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Evan Lambert reports

– Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa was shut down Wednesday morning by what police say was a naked man running in the road and jumping on cars. 

Police say they had to subdue the man, who was acting erratically, running around and jumping on cars in the roadway. The incident began at approximately 5:36 a.m. near Dale Mabry and Spruce Street. 

FOX 13’s Ken Suarez was there Wednesday morning, and reported seeing 10 cruisers on the scene, blood in the street, and a car with bloody hand prints on it. 

Steve Hegarty of the Tampa Police Department told FOX 13 that the man had banged his head against the windshield of one car so hard that the glass broke.

The unidentified man was transported to the hospital, but died as a result of his injuries.

The area of Dale Mabry at Spruce and Columbus remained closed until just before 9:30 a.m. 

Through further investigation, police found that the man was staying at the Howard Johnson hotel near Spruce street. The hotel manager told FOX 13 that the still-unidentified man had checked in on Monday and seemed normal at the time. 

However, other guests at the hotel reported hearing screaming and banging in the hours before the man’s naked rampage on Dale Mabry. 

One guest who was staying in a nearby room told FOX 13’s Evan Lambert, “A little after five today I heard someone kinda just going on a rage, just kind of like an angry rage.”  

She said it sounded as if the man was angrily fighting with someone, but that she only heard one person. While guests say they heard the commotion, none have come forward saying they saw anything.

The man’s hotel room window had been broken during the incident.  

The investigation into the odd case continues. Officers have entered the hotel room in search of clues as to what may have caused the man’s rampage. 

Stay with FOX 13 as this story develops.


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