Porsche 911 vs Jag F-Type R vs BMW i8 – Top Gear

Posted: Saturday, January 30, 2016

And here’s where the case for the 911’s defence starts to stumble. It, like so many of the new, turbo-gen performance greats (M4, 488, Civic Type-R…), is at its most intoxicating when you’re driving the nuts off it. Between 6,000rpm and 7,000rpm, there’s a mood swing in the engine’s delivery – a ripping, mechanical howl not dissimilar to how a GT3 sings as it locks on to 9,000rpm. But you can’t get up there nearly as often as you’d like. Porsche’s engineers are obsessed with obscenely long gearing, and now they’ve got an extra 44lb ft to play with, the PDK’s ratios have been stretched yet further. So, aim for top of second gear and you’re into law-breaking, licence-busting territory. Or, short-shift, and never hear the flat-six sing. You’re in a constant quandary of restraint and frustration. You’ve got more power, which you can rarely exploit, and less noise, which you used to constantly enjoy.


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