The age of self-driving vehicles may be nigh, but the 2016 cars collectors will cherish a generation from now are the ones that maximize driving fun, according to the largest insurer of collectible cars and boats.

Fun, performance and scarcity distinguish cars on Hagerty Insurance’s annual “hot list of future collectibles.” Vehicles that cost less than $100,000 and are 2016 models are eligible.

“Despite all the negative talk about the future of the car, this is one of the most exciting times to be a car enthusiast,” Company CEO McKeel Hagerty said. “Manufacturers seem to have found the golden combination of performance, handling, safety and styling. The cars on this list check all of these boxes and will be desirable for years to come.”

This year’s most collectible, with quoted comments from Hagerty Insurance:

■ Mazda MX-5 Miata, base price $24,915. The latest version of Mazda’s beloved little roadster “is quickly gaining the respect of driving enthusiasts.”

■ Ford Focus RS, $35,730. The super compact packs 350 horsepower, 350 pound-feet of torque and an all-wheel-drive system tuned for maximum fun. “Look for Ford to snap up the crowd that Mitsubishi deserted when it discontinued the Evo.”

■ Chevrolet Camaro SS, $37,295. Chevy’s new pony car is lighter, better balanced and more advanced than any Camaro before it. “Chevy has once again risen to the challenge” from a new Ford Mustang.

■ BMW M2 $51,700. Widely acclaimed as the BMW-lover’s BMW, the new compact coupe is one of the year’s early hits. “Fans of classics like the 2002tii and Z3 M coupe will love it.”

■ Ford Mustang GT350R, $62,195. The raciest version of the Mustang is a weight-watchers special, offering carbon fiber wheels and other goodies to shed pounds and shorten lap times. Predicting collectability is iffy business, but Hagerty is confident: “We’d say this one’s a shoe-in.”

■ Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, $65,900. Fast, beautiful, advanced and rare, the 4C put Alfa back into car lovers’ dreams. “We predict well-preserved examples will dominate vintage races in the future.”

■ Porsche Cayman GT4, $84,600. This special edition is the last and fastest Cayman before Porsche’s little coupe gets a new name and architecture later this year. “This just might be one of the most exciting driver’s cars ever to come from Stuttgart.”

■ Dodge Viper SRT, $89,090. The Viper’s days are numbered and sales are few, making the V10 sports coupe collectible by definition. “If words like ‘bludgeon,’ ‘eviscerate’ and ‘trounce’ appeal to you, this is your car.”

■ Cadillac ATS-V, $60,465. The Lansing-built luxury coupe looks like a space ship, and its 464-hp twin-turbo V6 is ready blast off. “There’s serious firepower behind (Cadillac’s) smack talk” to performance legends like the BMW M3 and Mercedes AMG C63.

■ Lotus Evora 400, $89,900. Lotus’s fastest and most powerful production car ever also features the automaker’s hallmark lightweight construction. “We were worried about you for a while, Lotus. It’s good to have you back on the Hot List.

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