Prince William visits President Obama for the first time – New York Daily News

Posted: Tuesday, December 09, 2014
For latest restrictions check www.corbisimages.comChristy Bowe/Corbis Prince William meets President Obama in the Oval Office during his first visit to the White House.

The Prince and the President swapped hospital tales Monday.

Prince William, in his first visit to the White House, met with President Obama in the Oval Office and told him he forgot to inquire at his son George’s birth whether he was a boy or a girl.

“The excitement of the event and everything else was just chaos,” the Duke of Cambridge told Obama.

Obama, who on Saturday went to a military hospital to be examined for a sore throat, said, “I’m fine, I was completely fine.”

The prince was in the capital for a quickie visit while his wife, Kate, stayed in New York.

William also spent time with Vice President Biden and his wife, Jill, and addressed the World Bank about the illegal wildlife trade.

William told the World Bank about how criminal gangs turn vast profits from the illegal killing or capture of wildlife, with terrorists buying guns with poached ivory.

“Together they loot our planet to feed mankind’s ignorant craving for exotic pets, trinkets, cures and ornaments derived from the world’s vanishing and irreplaceable species,” he said.


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