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Posted: Monday, April 28, 2014

Video games are becoming more realistic, and while racing titles such as Forza and Gran Turismo do a good job of creating pretty graphics, there’s no doubt that what you are seeing remains computer-generated. The hardiest of hardcore race fans use iRacing for their basement-driving fix, and while the physics are incredibly life-like (something entirely lacking in Forza or GT) the visuals are not groundbreaking — which is fine, because in iRacing, it’s all about the physics.

But what if one could nail the physics and blend that with graphics that, somehow, appear crisper and better defined than real life? Come this November, that may become a reality, as Project Cars races to stores.

We’ve seen clips and screenshots from Project Cars — set to debut on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U — for a while now, and it’s gradually earned the title as the most hotly anticipated racing sim in some time. But its latest commercial appears to have taken it to a new level, with viewers wowed by graphics that seem more life-like than, say, life itself. Check the comparison video below to see what I mean:

In the same way high dynamic range images have revolutionized photography, allowing one to take the exact shot multiple times at different exposures and then stitch those images together to produce a final picture that contains incredible depths of detail, Project Cars handily out performs footage from an onboard camera by employing similar techniques. The details in the hills, the tarmac, the clouds mimic precisely what the eye sees, and it’s not washed out like on camera.

How many events have we been to where what we saw in reality didn’t match what showed up on film? Having driven at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca many times, what you see in Project Cars is what it’s actually like: At the fabled Corkscrew, for example, there’s a tree directly in front of you as you turn into the tight left-hander before the downhill right. You aim for this tree, as you know that by doing so you will be on the right line over the crest. In the video, you don’t see that tree, but in the game, it’s evident – just as it is in reality.

Project Cars will probably make race fans fatter, lazier and more divorced than ever, but after this latest clip, it’s hard to care. November can’t come soon enough.


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