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Posted: Sunday, June 14, 2015

Slightly Mad Studios previously announced back in March via a report from IGN that they would be giving free cars and other content every month after the launch of their game “Project CARS.” The game has just been released and the company has announced their new DLC plan called On Demand.

According to a report from Gaming Bolt, the new service will allow players to download additional content such as new cars and liveries without having to go through exploitative or abusive DLCs.

The report explains that On Demand will offer “continual free updates that improve and expand upon the original core game, free cars and vehicle liveries delivered at no extra charge, and additional content made available without the usual obligation to purchase a long-term season pass.” 

In essence, this means gamers will be able to pick and choose which update and DLC content they want and will be able to acqurie these without the need for extra payment for that content or for a season pass. On Demand will continue every month, allowing gamers to continually enjoy the game’s new content for free. 

Most games require a season pass. This season pass can cost anywhere from $30 to over $99, depending on the game, but this season pass will allow the player to download all DLC and other paid content until the season ends. Afterwards, they’ll need to get a new pass for the next season. This is more convenient then having to pay for each new DLC as they come along. For many cases, it is also a cheaper deal. 

However, Slightly Mad will still release a few paid DLC packs such as the recently announced “Racing Icons” car pack. 

“Project CARS” is the latest driving simulator games for next-gen consoles and is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with the Wii-U and Steam versions due to come out this year.  


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