Rainbow-decorated CTA rail cars are rolling this weekend to mark the 48th annual Pride Parade Sunday on the North Side.

The Chicago Transit Authority and Mayor Emanuel both touted the four decorated cars cars on Twitter. They’ll operate on the Red Line.

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The trains are decorated with self-adhesive vinyl wraps; it’s the first time the CTA has done a promotional wrap for Pride Weekend, according to Brian Steele, vice president of communications and marketing for CTA.

A “handful” of graphic designers at CTA are responsible for the design parade-goers may see.

“There were two reasons why we wanted to do (a wrap for Pride),” Steele said. “One, Pride is one of the highest ridership weekends for CTA — we see a huge bump in our weekend ridership. Two, the demonstration of messages of equality and inclusion on the CTA and in the city overall are good ways to represent messages of inclusion.”

Still, the well-intended gesture prompted a fair amount of snark, mostly questioning Emanuel’s other policies; among the milder comments was this: “With constant delays on the Red Line, who knows if this train actually makes it anywhere…”

Four rainbow-decorated CTA rail cars are rolling on the Red Line to celebrate Pride Parade weekend. | City of Chicago/CTA photo