Revealed: The Land Rover and Jaguar cars starring in the new Bond film –

Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bautista, a former professional
wrestler who’s almost as wide as he is tall, told Telegraph
: “After I was cast, the producers were a bit concerned that I
wouldn’t fit in the car. So when I first opened the door, parked my
butt in the seat and swung my legs in, there was a big sigh of relief.”

Speaking about his character, he said: “When I first came into read
for the part, I thought it was going to be someone along the lines of
Oddjob. But then when I talked to Sam [Mendes, the movie’s director] I
realised that there’s nothing subservient about Mr Hinx.

“Sam told me to think of Mr Hinx as the baddest man in the world.
He’s a guy who sees nobody as a threat, so he isn’t intimidated by
anybody and there are no rules. He’s a high-ranking member of Spectre
and is there to enforce, but he’s very intelligent, very methodical
and very focused. I don’t think Mr Hinx sees himself as the villain.
To him, he’s the good guy; James Bond is the villain.”


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