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Posted: Thursday, April 16, 2015

Three-year-old Ethan Carnesecca has been battling pneumonia for almost a month now.

Besides hospital visits from mom, dad and his four older siblings, there’s something else that puts a smile on Ethan’s face: Hot Wheels cars.

“He’s been in a lot of pain and they’re what give him comfort,” Ethan’s dad, Chad Carnesecca of American Fork, Utah, told ABC News. “You know when you’re three years old and in a hospital bed, you don’t have control over many things. Having these cars gives him some security and control.”

A friend of the Carnesecca family, John Lambert, caught wind of Ethan’s fascination and decided to post something on his car collector’s blog, The Lamley Group.

“I thought it was a cool story because we’re collectors,” Lambert said. “We’re kind of nerds that worry about the intricate details but, ultimately, these are toys that can help kids when they’re sick.”

Lambert told ABC that since sharing Ethan’s story, requests have come pouring in from strangers all over the world wanting to send cars to the toddler in a Salt Lake City hospital.

PHOTO: Ethan receives a car collection from a Utah security officer.

“There are some coming from Malaysia, all over the U.S., Europe, and even Japan,” Carnesecca said. “They’re coming from all over the place.”

Despite his health struggles, Ethan’s mother, Michele Carnesecca, said she’s happy to see the Hot Wheels are raising her son’s spirits.

“He had a chest X-ray this morning and he was in pain, so he said to the tech, ‘Can I have a car?'” she said. “Whenever somebody brings new cars, his eyes light up and he says, ‘Thank you.’

“He’s a fighter, you know, he’s tough. It’s truly amazing how good people are and how they just want to help.”

The Carneseccas said Ethan has received about 200 cars.

To send a smile to Ethan, Hot Wheels donations can be mailed to:

Ethan Carnesecca, c/o Primary Children’s Hospital, 100 Mario Capecchi Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84132

ABC News’ Alexa Valiente contributed to this report.


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