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Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Top of the Order:  

No Talking While Driving: At least when it comes to requiring cars to do so, if the Trump administration has its way.

With companies as big as Google and Intel, and just about every automaker working on some form of self-driving car technology, one of the biggest questions about cars that can drive themselves is their safety.

For example, there are technologies that allow cars to effectively “talk” to one another wirelessly, helping the vehicles know distances from one another, and, hopefully, reducing the chances of an accident.

Such technologies would go a long way toward allaying some concerns about the safety of self-driving cars one day. However, the built-in ability of new cars to talk to each other may end up being further down the road than had been anticipated.

That’s because the Trump administration is said to be dropping plans that would mandate all new cars and light trucks to be built with what’s called vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications. Even though many automakers are in favor of the technology, and of making it a requirement in new vehicles, the Trump administration is reportedly against forcing the issue upon American car builders. Trump officials say they oppose putting new and expensive mandates upon the auto industry, and they desire to cut the number of government regulations.

By dropping the V2V requirement, the Trump administration would also repudiate another hallmark of the Obama administration, which put its support behind the talking car technology mandate in December 2016.

Middle Innings:

Please Hire Me: The Bay Area has long been a hotbed for tech startups. Whether they are located in the proverbial garage, or on an entire floor of a San Francisco high-rise, tech startups dot the landscape, and are places where many business hotshots want to work.

But, how popular are they?

A new study by LinkedIn has found that of the 50 most-sought-after startups in the Bay Area, tech companies dominate the desires of those looking to work at a startup. Uber is at the top of the list, while Airbnb came in second place. The top five were rounded out by WeWork, Lyft and Slack. LinkedIn said the rankings were based on data from its 530 million members between August 2016 and July 2017.

Bottom of the Lineup:

Facebook Goes to Washington: The appearances of officials from Facebook, as well as those from Twitter and Google, before the Senate Judiciary Committee are turning into the talk of Capitol Hill, and Silicon Valley. Representatives of the internet giants were raked over the coals on Wednesday by several senators looking into the matter of how, or if, ads placed by Russian sources on the social-media and internet kingpins’ sites had any impact in swaying the 2016 presidential election.

Quote of the Day: “Some of it is probably profiteering by the refineries, but I don’t know how much.” –UC Berkeley economist Severin Borenstein, speaking about why gas prices in California are higher than just about anywhere else in the United States. A new gas tax of 12 cents a gallon went into effect in California on Wednesday.

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