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Posted: Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Subaru and Lexus repeated as the top brands in the Kelley Blue Book rankings released today for 2016 cars with the estimated highest resale values. However, among individual models, General Motors (GM) had four of the top 10 vehicles.

Subaru, the best mainstream brand, had winners in four of the 22 categories Kelley uses. Toyota’s (TM) Lexus, the best luxury brand for the fifth year in a row, has six category winners.

“While both Subaru and Lexus deliver incredible resale value, we continue to be impressed with General Motors, which tops domestic automakers with seven combined awards for Chevrolet and GMC and places four of its vehicles in our Top 10,” says Eric Ibara, director of resale values for Kelley Blue Book.

Among other Detroit companies, Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) had only one winner — the Jeep Wrangler — and Ford (F) had none. One other U.S.-based company had a winner — the Tesla (TSLA) Model S pictured above.

Kelley analysts remind car shoppers that in addition to a vehicle’s price and gas mileage, they should look at how well particular models hold their value. They note that depreciation often is the greatest expense drivers incur in their first five years of vehicle ownership.

The average 2016 car will be worth only about 35 percent of its original value when it’s 5 years old, according to Kelley calculations. That means an average car you bought for $30,000 this year would be worth just $10,500 in 2020. However, the top 10 vehicles on Kelley Blue Book’s list are estimated to retain from 47 percent to 62 percent of their original cost.

Within those national averages, resale value can vary by regions. “In the colder sections of the country, a two-wheel-drive vehicle’s resale value often will not be as high as a four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive version of that same model,” says Jack Nerad, executive editorial director and market analyst for Kelley Blue Book. “In warmer climates, black or dark-colored cars will not have as high resale value as they could command in other regions.”

With especially strong current sales for SUVs and pickup trucks, those categories dominate the Top 10 best resale value vehicles, while the cars in the Top 10 are sporty, high-performance models.

Click ahead for a closer look at the top 10, in order of resale value.


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