The 2017 BMW M760i is a hell of a car, but is it an M? – Ars Technica

Posted: Wednesday, February 08, 2017

As any fan of LJK Setright will no doubt remind you, the V12 is the king of engines, perfectly balanced no matter the V-angle. The LJK is also something of a dying breed; smaller-capacity turbocharged V8s are more than capable of giving top-of-the-line models sufficient power without the complexity, cost, and and weight of 12 cylinders. But dying isn’t the same as being extinct, and BMW has decided to buck the trend with its new flagship, the $153,800 M760i.

We first saw the big BMW at last year’s New York International Auto Show. But it wasn’t until late last month that the automaker finally allowed the media—Ars included—behind the wheel.

I admit, I have a soft spot for V12s, particularly those built by BMW. My admiration for the V12 began when I was exposed to a 750iL (E32) during my formative car years, and it’s the same reason I stare wistfully at a local 850 CSi while a separate part of my brain tries to comprehend the servicing costs. BMW evidently remembers that E32 7 Series, too, because it played up the 30th anniversary of that model at the M760. Interesting fact: the 600hp (448kW) 6.6L twin-turbocharged V12 that powers the new car is more than twice as powerful as the old 5.0L lump. (Incidentally, the engine is indeed smooth enough to balance a coin on while it’s running, as long as you can find a level bit of engine cover.)


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