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Posted: Monday, March 09, 2015

Apple is hosting a media event Monday morning to launch its Apple Watch, and we’ll be in San Francisco to give you all the particulars as they are announced.

Apple Watch unveiling shows CEO Tim Cook’s time has come Andrea Chang and Chris o&aposBrien When Tim Cook took to the stage to announce the “subsequent chapter in Apple’s story,” he could have been speaking about himself. When Tim Cook took to the stage to announce the “next chapter in Apple’s story,” he could have been talking about himself. ( Andrea Chang and Chris o&aposBrien )

Chief Executive Tim Cook revealed the watch solution for the 1st time throughout its September iPhone 6 announcement, so we already know a bit about what’s to come.

To recap:

Specs: There are 3 collections: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition the latter two are for the active buyer and the luxury-minded 1, respectively. The watch comes in two face sizes: 38 millimeters and 42 millimeters.&nbsp

Functions: The Apple Watch performs in conjunction with an iPhone and gives weather, stock quotes, upcoming calendar events, maps and other facts. It can play music and send and receive messages you’ll feel a gentle tap on your wrist when you obtain an incoming message. The watch has a retina display and comes with Apple Spend, the company’s mobile payment system.

Cost: Starts at $349, but greater-end models are anticipated to sell for thousands of dollars.

Personalization: Apple has been touting the vast customizable selections readily available for the watch, like the screen interface, color and material of the band, the finish of the rectangular case and the type of buckle.

Health monitoring: The watch will show the quantity of actions you take, calculate calories burned and measure the quality and frequency of activity. Over time, the watch will &quotlearn&quot how you move and suggest day-to-day fitness ambitions and encourage you to attain them.

And here’s what we expect Apple to divulge:

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Complete pricing: From the start off, Apple has positioned the watch as a fashion piece. It has been featured in Vogue, and Cook has been clear that the device is as considerably about style as it is about tech. So be ready for some luxury-level costs, specifically for the higher-finish 18-karat gold model, called the Edition. Tech and jewelry authorities have predicted the Edition could go for at least $two,000, with the most elite configuration priced possibly as high as $10,000.

Pre-sale and in-retailer sale dates: Apple currently mentioned the watch would ship in April but hasn’t offered a precise date. As with the iPhone, expect the watch to hit retailer shelves on a Friday, with pre-sales to start many days prior to.

Battery life: A single of the major troubles facing the Apple Watch is battery life. The enterprise will almost undoubtedly deliver more information on how a lot juice you can get from the watch in each active and standby modes. There’s also a rumored power reserve function.

New app partnerships: A essential component of the media occasion, held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, will center on developer partnerships. Analysts say the watch demands to have a robust lineup of killer apps to lift the item into should-have territory. We’ve currently noticed a Starwood Hotels app, which enables Apple Watch wearers to use the device as the hotel area important. But Apple needs many extra cool apps to persuade typical consumers to acquire.&nbsp

Surprise features — or other item announcements: Apple events are hardly ever limited to just 1 product, so there’s a likelihood the enterprise could release some updates to the MacBook line or possibly the iPad.

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