The best cars to drive in the Hamptons –

Posted: Sunday, August 21, 2016

So we’re talking SUVs then. The obvious champ would be a new Range Rover, except it isn’t. Long wheelbase Range Rovers are a bigger offender, but the latest Range is just too Upper West Side for the beach. It’s like you’ve kicked the lace-ups off, but kept the suit on.

Likewise the monstrous Cadillac Escalade, and its Chevy and GMC cousins (which only ever seem to come in black), is all wrong. Even with the Caddy’s hip-hop bling there’s no getting over the whiff of institutional power with these cars, and if there is one place even more square than the Upper West Side, that’s Washington DC. What then to chose for the two weeks (or more likely weekends) left now before Labour Day and the official end of summer? I’ve pulled together my top six preferences.

At six (and don’t expect to park anywhere near pole position at Moby’s with this one) is the BMW X1. The previous X1 was a funny looking fella, somewhere between an SUV and a jacked-up estate car. Not so the latest car. It’s still small, but now has a solid, tough, family-focused look, and is absolutely part of what must now count as the best alternative luxury SUV dynasty, as in “not a Land Rover”. 


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