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Posted: Friday, February 13, 2015
PHOTO: A woman buys a Powerball ticket at a newsstand, Feb. 11, 2015, in Philadelphia.

The winners in Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot remain a mystery, and the search is on for three newly-minted millionaires sharing the $564 million jackpot.

Winning tickets were sold in North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico, matching the numbers 25, 11, 54, 13 and 39, with a Powerball of 19. At this point, none of the winners has emerged.

According to the Texas Lottery, one of the winning tickets was sold at an Appletree Food Mart in Princeton, which is located about 50 miles northeast of Dallas.

Another winning ticket was sold at Scotchman, a convenience store in Shallotte, North Carolina.

“We got a call from the lottery, and it’s exciting to be able to experience a customer of ours who has this life-changing experience,” said Rich Mione, the Director of Marketing at GPM Investments, which owns the store.

The third winning ticket was sold at a Shell gas station in Cotto Laurel in southern Puerto Rico – the territory’s first Powerball win after joining the lottery in October.

Should the winners select the lump sum option, each would get a one-third share of $381,138,450.16 before taxes. The other option is an annuity, under which the lottery would make payments 30 times over 29 years. Additionally, stores that sell jackpot-winning tickets are slated to receive $50,000.

Beyond the jackpot winners, 33 other tickets across 17 states matched five numbers, but missed the Powerball, for $1 million. New Hampshire resident Bob Wolak just missed matching the Powerball, but he says he’s content with his winnings.

“Of course you kick yourself – 18 [for the Powerball] and the winner was 19. But I’m happy with a million dollars,” Wolak said.


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