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Posted: Monday, June 26, 2017

Two Ohio-built SUVs from Fiat Chrysler are the most American-made vehicles to roll off the assembly line, according to a index released Monday.

The Jeep Wrangler (including the Wrangler Unlimited four-door) and the Jeep Cherokee rank first and second among the top 10 on the consumer site’s longstanding American-Made Index, with European-American, American and Japanese brands cracking the list but South Korean and other European makers absent.

Paul Dolan/ analyzed more than 120 light-duty passenger vehicles built in the U.S. with high domestic-parts content to arrive at the top 10.

For the first time over the index’s 11-year history, the considerations for making the list have been changed. The number of models meeting’s original criteria has fallen due to the globalization of automobile manufacturing — from more than 60 vehicles in the index’s inaugural year to eight last year. By the original requirements, only three 2017 models would have qualified this year.

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Using the new criteria, scans for predominant U.S. sourcing for engines and transmissions, and high U.S. manufacturing jobs supported per vehicle [the American Automobile Labeling Act includes Canadian data within the U.S. “domestic” pool]. This year, the index deemphasizes overall sales — a factor that reflects the economic impact of a given model line — to focus on the domestic impact of a single buyer purchasing one model versus another. Ties are broken by giving the higher ranking to the heavier vehicle.

Of course no cars are entirely American-made bumper to bumper. For the list-leading Jeeps, their domestic-parts content were among the highest figures observed: 74% for the Wrangler, 75% for the Wrangler Unlimited and 70% for the Cherokee. All engines and nearly all transmissions for the Wrangler and Cherokee hail from the U.S. The Wrangler is assembled in Toledo, Ohio; the Cherokee also was built in Toledo until April 2017, when production moved to Belvidere, Ill.

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