These Wild Renderings Modernize the Original Fast and Furious Cars – The Drive

Posted: Sunday, April 23, 2017

With Fate of The Furious
breaking records to mixed reviews, the not-done-yet series proves its enduring pop relevance. Even after eight episodes of the shanshy jam-packed action films, it has somehow became even more successful than ever. The original cars from the first Fast and Furious remain the most memorable, and thanks to, they’ve been re-imagined to fit next generation concept cars like the Toyota FT-1 and Mazda RX-Vision. Oh, and also the Dr. Strangelove-special Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Each of the cars have the same liveries they did in the past, though they’ve all been updated to fit their newest iterations. The rendering crew whipped up several examples that perhaps look even better than they did before including Jesse’s infamous Volkswagen Jetta. Another good one is the Dodge Charger Hellcat fitted with a black and grey color scheme and five spoke wheels, just like Dom’s 1969 Charger from the series. Note the huge blower sticking out of the hood.


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