Two years on from ‘dieselgate’, Volkswagen launches diesel scrappage scheme –

Posted: Friday, September 01, 2017

Having focused on diesel technology for years, VW is now pouring billions of investment into electric vehicles, and has pledged to become the world leader in electric vehicles by 2025.

The scrappage scheme follows similar offers from other manufacturers including Ford, BMW and Vauxhall as they try to patch up the industry’s reputation in the aftermath of dieselgate.

The scheme is being launched as new regulations over emissions testing come into force on Friday, updating a system that has not been updated for two decades.

The current system examines cars on a “rolling road” in laboratory conditions. From Friday, a more gruelling “WLTP” test on one of these devices is being implemented, which will be supplemented by a “RDE” test on the roads, meaning the new regime will give a much more representative measure in emissions and efficiency.


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