Uber pulls its self-driving cars off the streets of San Francisco – Los Angeles Times

Posted: Thursday, December 22, 2016

In a rare occurrence, Uber submitted to state authorities and pulled its self-driving cars off the streets of San Francisco.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles on Wednesday revoked the registration of 16 Uber cars being used commercially as test vehicles for self-driving technology. Although a human driver employed by Uber inhabited each vehicle, the cars are equipped with artificial intelligence able to drive the car robotically without, in many circumstance, human input.

The DMV said Uber’s registrations were “improperly issued” because “they were not properly marked as test vehicles.”

Jean Shiomoto, director of the DMV, sent a letter to Uber that said: “I appreciate the action that Uber has taken in the interest of public safety.” She offered to personally help the company apply for required permits.


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