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Posted: Monday, February 27, 2017

Volkswagen Motorsport in India has been setting the pace when it comes to giving young drivers a platform. Stars like Aditya Patel have all come from humble beginnings of the Volkswagen Polo Cup and of course, VW has also had the Vento cup for the last few years. Having been behind the wheel of every single race iteration Volkswagen Cup cars in India, from the Polo R racecar, in both the petrol and diesel form and the Vento in its original and evolution format, this new Ameo R racecar that has recently been doing the test rounds at the MMSC race track in Chennai is something that I personally am itching to get behind the wheel of.


Although no official announcements have been made so far, expect the Ameo R Cup race car to be as quick (or maybe even quicker) than the Vento Cup cars and offer about the same levels of raw performance and driving feedback. Under the bonnet should be a 1.4 litre TFSI engine that will be both turbocharged and supercharged to make close to 200 bhp!

volkswagen ameo r cup

Under the bonnet should be a 1.4 litre TFSI engine that will be both turbocharged and supercharged

The Vento R cup car it replaces tipped the scales at 1225 kg and since the Ameo is slightly smaller, expect it to be lighter at possibly around 1150-1200 kg. The torque rating should be around 250Nm like the previous generation car coupled to the 6-speed DSG sequential gearbox with a sport mode and of course, a full manual mode where the driver can use the paddles for even quicker shifts.

volkswagen ameo r cup

The large rear spoiler is a new addition to the Ameo

The large rear spoiler too is a new addition to the Ameo, something which was absent in the Vento R race cars. Expect even more downforce due to this and a more stable rear end which could make a lot of difference especially around the longer faster corners of the Buddh International Circuit and the MMSC race track. The Ameo also comes shod with MRF racing slicks and a set of larger racing brakes on all four wheels.

volkswagen ameo r cup

We expect the Ameo R Cup car gets the FIA spec rollcage

We hope that the Ameo R racecar to be as loud, or even louder than the Vento counterparts due to a shorter exhaust setup and a single resonator just like the car it replaces. Other highlights include the extremely safe FIA spec rollcage with OMP seats and a 5-point racing harness and a full Motec race system for telemetry and an in-car readout. We certainly hope the good folks over at Volkswagen Motorsport let us get our hands on one of these very very soon!


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