Volkswagen Attending Pikes Peak for First Time in 30 Years, This Time with an Electric Car – The Drive

Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2017

The engineering that went into the car was mesmerizing for the time. Engineers utilized electronic throttle position sensors, despite the motor being fit with mechanical cable-driven throttle bodies, in order to match throttle between both engines. Sadly, by the end of the race, the car suffered a transmission failure.

Then, Volkswagen went radio silent for 30 years. Fortunately, fans kept the name alive by building period-correct cars to aide in the hype. VW took its time to perfect its passenger cars and spent its hard-earned cash on marketing the brand. It worked, forcing the brand up to compete neck and neck with Toyota to be the top worldwide auto manufacturer. Now, Volkswagen is shifting its consumer focus to electric, and wants people to know that it’s the company that can do it right.

The brand did this by deciding to break its abstinence from Pikes Peak and bring a new electrified car to shatter records. Not only is this uncharted territory for Volkswagen, but its motorsports division as well. The staff is tasked with creating an all-electric car that is capable of not only sustaining itself for the entire race, but also making an impact that no other manufacturer can touch. In reality Volkswagen Group has dabbled in the electric car motorsports field. One of its subsidies, Audi, even has become an official Formula E team. Utilizing Pikes Peak as a test bed will be an entirely different breed of racing development.


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