Volkswagen Inquiry Expands to 17 Suspects – CNBC

Posted: Wednesday, March 09, 2016

n the German investigation, the increasing number of suspects, none of whom have been formally charged, raises the stakes for Volkswagen as the company takes a more aggressive stance against accusations that knowledge of the wrongdoing was widespread in the company.

In a court filing last week, Volkswagen said that, until last summer, no members of its management board were aware that software in 11 million diesel vehicles had been programmed to cheat on emissions tests. The filing portrayed the software manipulation as the work of “individual employees” whose activities could not be detected by outsiders.

“The management board of Volkswagen had no knowledge either of the programming of the impermissible software nor of its later use in affected diesel motors,” the company said in a document filed on Feb. 29 as part of its defense against lawsuits by shareholders.

The filing was not public, though Volkswagen released a summary last week. The New York Times subsequently acquired a full copy of the document, which was more than 100 pages.


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