Volkswagen Polo first drive: is bigger better for VW’s big-selling hatchback? –

Posted: Monday, September 04, 2017

TELEGRAPH RATING Four stars out of five


Ford Fiesta, from £12,715

All new this year, Britain’s best-selling car has grown slightly and gets an attractive new interior, but it is still a small car, which is great if you have a tiny parking space, not so if you want to carry luggage or rear-seat passengers. The ST Line has by far the best ride and handling.

Seat Ibiza, from £13,130

First outing for the VW Group supermini platform, the fifth-generation Ibiza is attractive, with a terrifically accomplished ride and handling – at the slight expensive of ride and refinement. VW Group engines are good, so it’s a shame the cabin feels stripped-out and cheap.

Nissan Micra, from £11,995

After years of ignoring the European supermini market, Nissan is back. The Micra’s ride and handling balance, equipment and well-finished interior will gain a lot of admirers, but once past the entry level it gets pretty expensive quite quickly.

Renault Clio, from £12,225

Distinctive and stylish supermini that looks good and seems practical. Reasonably spacious cabin continues the theme but looks stripped-out and cheap in places. The ride and handling are top class but petrol performance and economy aren’t.

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