Volkswagen reassures dealers: There will be 2016 diesels – Los Angeles Times

Posted: Thursday, October 08, 2015

Volkswagen, having withdrawn its application to sell diesel vehicles in the U.S. for the 2016 model year, is telling dealers that it hopes to put diesels back on showroom floors.

The embattled German carmaker, trapped in an expanding scandal over its intentional cheating of Environmental Protection Agency emission standards with a so-called defeat device, has at least temporarily abandoned plans to include diesel models in its 2016 lineup.

But the company has offered financial support to U.S. dealers, some of whom rely on diesel car sales for up to 25% of their Volkswagen volumes.

Volkswagen’s U.S. chief executive, Michael Horn, spent much of Thursday morning testifying before Congress about his company having admitted cheating on diesel emissions testing.

He told lawmakers that “defeat devices” installed in 11 million Volkswagen and Audi engines were the work of a handful of rogue software engineers, and told outraged lawmakers that it would take years to fix all of the nearly 500,000 vehicles affected in the U.S.


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