VW woes send resale prices into a hard skid – CNBC

Posted: Thursday, October 08, 2015

The aftermath of the emissions scandal has not only impacted Volkswagen’s turbodiesel engine (or TDI) resale prices, but has also created a busier online marketplace these vehicles in the United States.

Online used car marketplaces such as Kelley Blue Book or AutoTrader.com have been the recipients of increased activity surrounding the specific vehicles affected by the scandal.

Just last week, Michelle Krebs, a senior analyst at AutoTrader, told CNBC that the volume of shopping activity between private parties, including purchases and negotiations, is up by almost a fifth over the last week on autotrader.com.

This comes as overall Volkswagen shopping across the site — including not just private sales but all new and used sales of Volkswagen models — is actually down 1 percent within the same time frame, Krebs said.

AutoTrader’s sister company, Kelley Blue Book, has seen a 79 percent increase in people looking up the trade-in values of Volkswagen TDIs on the site. Comparatively, Volkswagen total trade-in value look-ups (including non-TDIs) have increased by only 10 percent.


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