Watch a Street Racing Infiniti G37 Push a BMW Underneath a Semi-Truck – The Drive

Posted: Saturday, August 12, 2017

If you had a half-competent drivers’ ed program, decent parents, or even a quality group of enthusiast friends, you know that street racing and aggressive driving is illegal, dangerous, and can turn your own or others’ lives upside down if something goes wrong. Apparently, the driver of this Infiniti G37 in Southern California didn’t get the memo, and decided they were going to go full Brian O’Conner on a highway between the cities of Colton and Fontana in Southern California. Things did not go well.

During this race, the driver of said G37 swerved into an inside lane, dodging a silver Toyota, before cutting back across to try to shoot the gap between an unsighted black BMW and a semi truck. The Infiniti driver shoulder checked the BMW out of the way with their driver side door or fender, sending them sliding into the Nissan Altima they were racing.

The BMW then ricocheted off the second racer and spun out of control, ending up beneath the semi. The incident was captured on a rear-facing camera, and uploaded to Instagram by user fenderdefender, who claims the BMW driver is the mother of a close friend. The video itself is mirrored.


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