Developer Slightly Mad Studios and publisher Bandai Namco have released a new Halloween trailer for Project Cars, which shows off the racing game’s nighttime and severe weather conditions.

Project Cars trailers always look impressive, but this latest video, which is made up entirely of gameplay footage, is one of the best looking ones yet. With the appropriately spooky darkness, headlights, and rain-slick roads, you can really get a good idea of how impressive the lighting in the game is.

Slightly Mad Studios says that this exemplifies its approach to development, which is not to just put things in the game because they look pretty, but because they impact gameplay as well. Racing at night and under severe weather conditions, especially in a tight pack of cars, it says, will provide an extra challenge.

Project Cars is coming to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Slightly Mad Studios recently confirmed that it pushed the game’s release date to March 20, 2015 in order to avoid the busy holiday season, when bigger, more established franchises will release their new games and potentially steal the spotlight.