What Seinfeld Thinks Your Vintage Car Says About You – RoadandTrack.com

Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is one of our favorite web series out today. Sure, the conversations with legendary comics like Margaret Cho, Steve Martin, and the President of the United States are insightful and entertaining. But mostly, we just love the show for its cars. 

Clearly, Seinfeld is a preeminent gearhead. The longtime Porsche collector has fantastic taste when it comes to classic cars, whether it’s perennial favorites like the Dodge Charger Daytona or off-beat weirdos like the Mazda Cosmos. And he’s got plenty to say about his favorite automotive co-stars.

So here, we exclusively present to you Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Without Comedians or Coffee, Just Cars—part of a series where Seinfeld leaves the co-pilot behind and just talks about his favorites among the plethora of amazing vintage cars he’s driven on the series. 


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